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Company Profile

AS-GCTG is engaged in product safety, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing and certification, chemical testing and material analysis, electrical and electronic products of toxic and harmful substances (RoHS), reliability test, EMC standard research, products design and countermeasures, skills training, scientific research, experiment measurement instrument development with scientific research strength of one of the few certification bodies.


And the  laboratory  adhere to the "scientific, integrity, rigorous, reliable" spirit of enterprise, emancipate the mind, seeking truth from facts, hard work, strict management, and strive to provide customers and partners the most professional services. 

Company has many experienced senior industry experts, testing and certification engineers and service representative, for the vast number of vendors provide certification application, standard consulting, product testing, technical support, countermeasures such as "one-stop" services. Through our efforts, you can in the shortest possible time to obtain the most extensive international certification. Service product range includes information technology, home appliances, lamps, electric tools, radio and television audio, industry, science, medical, automotive electronics, wireless rf products, etc. Agent at the same time most of the world famous certification body electronics product certification as well as mechanical equipment, medical electronics, automotive electronics, electronic appliances and harmful material certification. The company with many international famous certification bodies are to establish good relations of cooperation, can in the first time for you to provide more satisfactory service.

We have been systematically introducing talents, training talents. Plan in the future continue to expand test site, equipment and service range, for more manufacturers to provide more perfect service. The company relies on talent, technology, information, powerful resources and support to detection, etc, for the enterprise to provide timely localization of the inspection and testing services, and to seek ", do strong, do big "own development path, has won the trust of customers.

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